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Trancultural Energetic Systems TV

See how different cultures run their energy body

Running commentary by Joe Deisher

Chen Pan Ling 70th birthday Tai Chi Exhibition


Ghost Dance Video

This is a reminder about the decline of a culture…

The book “Something of Value”, comes from a proverb in South Africa, and tells us that “when you take a man’s culture from him, you best give him something of value to replace it.” This clip talks about the importance of having dreamers, but also the importance of a culture that matches. If culture can be equated to an operating system, arguably then, we don’t have a culture that is adapted to our “wet-wear”, most are now out-of-date. Traditional cultures were working well, but the modern one that has been imposed isn’t sustainable. Culture comes out of a long-standing relation to a geo-climatic place and conditions, and that’s what needs to be dealt with.


Tai Chi Spinal Ripple Video

Short and sweet…

Nice, straight, and got low with no strain. Nice spinal ripple….


Fajing Video

Here's a style that has a good strong FaChing that appears both relaxed and flexibly, fluidly, well rooted  

to judge by what I see in some of the more mature artists that I work with, this may be an example of a style most appropriate to male TaiChi artists, and perhaps younger males at that..., there's a certain sort of "shock" energy in some of the FaChings seen in this clip that, I am told, amounts to a kind of "tissue overload" that can be unhealthy for the person releasing the FaChing.


Kung FU Master on a finger…

How about a KungFu Master "standing on one finger"  

  (I notice that the film doesn't show how he got into that position... )


Magus of Java    

For something more distinctly Chi/Qi related, here's an interesting clip  

  "Dynamo Jack" is the John Chang who is central to the book " The Magus of Java."