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Recommended Reading

Here are some books that may pique your curiousity and may help you in your
energetic quest for health and knowledge. All titles are available at


Casteneda gives us a vocabulary of energetic terms and concepts which, when properly applied, can help us to deepen our understanding of our life journey.

An interesting take on chinese medicine and the correlations between that discipline and western astrology. For Joe's take on this book and Cosmos and Psyche please click here.

A look at the traditional tenets of western philosophical speculation by using recent discoveries of cognitive science to analyze the deep assumptions the cannon carries.

A look at how guns, germs and steel have affected the course of human history.

An essay investigating the origins of human knowledge and it's transmission through myth

Carse introduces a world of possibilty and play when our sights are no longer bounded by finite and closed "games."
A philosophical take on how forms in nature and those made by the brain are inherent to our understanding of everything.
A western look at a living Taoist immortal and how this person got to be this way and what practices were necessary to achieve his status.
A look at the world when cheap gas is no longer available.
The yoga sutras of Patanjali. For joe's discussion on the adaptability of this work click here.
Another great book from Carlos Castaneda's anthropolgical works.
Many translations, yet the best allow us to focus upon the central themes more necessary than ever for us to develop and grow as a species in a chaotic universe.

A science-fiction trilogy that offers some insight into the human condition.


A fascinating inquiry into the possibility of developing a new meta-narrative to help humanity reconnect with the planet, ourselves and the universe. The second in a series of three books by the highly acclaimed author of the Passion of the Western Mind. For Joe's take on this book and Western Astrology and Chinese Medicine, please click here.


earth magic



A book which combines archaeological science with the findings of various types of psychics to understand what pre-Christian Europe was like. It offers a glimpse into a lost world filled with science, mysticism and magic. The megalithic people have left behind evidence of a view of the heavens, earth and humanity that resonates with the understanding of all this planet's early cultures.


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